Ageas deploys a unique Gen AI driven training tool for salesforce across Europe & Asia

“Digital Coach” is an innovative digital training application developed by Ageas in collaboration with Reimagine and Microsoft.

In an exciting example of how Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) can positively impact the world of insurance, Ageas announces today that it is rolling-out a unique digital training application across Europe and Asia - the Ageas “Digital Coach”. This interactive tool simulates highly realistic customer interactions and provides feedback designed to upskill insurance and financial advisors through Gen AI technology. Digital Coach was developed by Ageas in collaboration with Reimagine, a Belgian start-up, and Microsoft.

The Digital Coach tool is expected to lead to several significant benefits for the business, from improved salesforce productivity and increased customer satisfaction to greater operational and cost efficiencies. Digital Coach provides insurance and financial advisors with an opportunity to practice and rehearse challenging customer scenarios through live role-play, whenever and wherever they need it. Using GenAI, the experience looks and feels realistic. Moreover, users benefit from personalised feedback on their performance and how the customer experience could be improved.

Digital Coach allows our agents and sales teams to grow their proficiency-levels so they feel confident in building a strong personal connection with our customers. This dynamic personal training tool reflects the Group’s commitment to continuous improvements in customer service and productivity levels, wherever it operates. We are very proud to be working with Reimagine and Microsoft to bring this innovative project to fruition.

Hans De Cuyper, CEO Ageas

The tool has applicability in all markets and can be easily exported as a single solution and implemented simultaneously across multiple markets. Digital Coach will gradually be tested and made available to the salesforce of all distribution channels across the Ageas Group through the course of 2024.

The Digital Coach platform is a ground-breaking tool, as it allows us to integrate and disseminate best practices from our most accomplished agents across our operating companies worldwide. It offers all distributors across agency, bancassurance and broker channels a dynamic space to refine their abilities and perfect their approach.

Patrice Gaucher, Head of Agency Development